How to Optimize Your Campaign on Google Local Services Ads

Do you want to increase the number of leads and sales for your business with Google Local Services Ads? If you’re looking for a complete guide this is your lucky day! In this blog post, we will discuss how to optimize your campaign on local service ads with tips that are sure to get your business more traffic and convert better. Before we dive in, let’s clarify a few points.

What are Google Local Services Ads (LSAs)?​​

Google Screened Example

Local Services Ads are a form of advertisement that show up as part of the local search results on Google.

If you use Google, you’ve probably seen them before and not even realized it! Do you see the green badge on the top of the page? That’s the Google Screened badge, as you can see they come before Google Ads and you know the saying, first come, first serve!

When someone is searching for a business type in an area near where they are, live, or work, Google automatically shows Google Local Services Ads before Google Ads Pay Per Click and Google My Business and that’s huge!

The relatively new Ad format has some unique features that aren’t even available in the traditional AdWords platform. They offer enhanced targeting for your business and instead of paying per click, you pay per lead, but we’ll tell you more later on.

Would you like to know if your business is eligible for getting Google Screened so you can set up your Local Services Ads campaign and start getting more leads?

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Advantages of using Google Local Services Ads:​

  • A listing at the top of search results not only makes you more visible and gets you more leads. It also helps with ranking in future searches.
  • With LSA you only pay for qualified leads meaning you won’t be charged until after a user engages with your offer. This eliminates much of the unqualified traffic that might come from other forms of advertising like pay-per-click-based campaigns.
  • If you detect a fake or spammy lead, you can simply click “Dispute” on the LSA dashboard and select a reason for a dispute. Within one week of submitting this form, Google reviews your claim to see if it meets the criteria. Be AWARE you shouldn’t dispute many leads and we can tell you more Here.
  • You can tailor your Google LSAs to only be shown when and where you want with the options of specific targeting. Choose from cities or ZIP codes for more precise control over who sees it.
  • Customers who book services through LSAs get the Google Guaranteed Badge which ensures they can trust your business. To earn this guarantee you must show proof of your licenses as well as have a background check.

If you want to learn more about Google Local Services Ads advantages watch this video

Google Local Services Ads VS Google Ads - Accelerate Marketing

The secret 3Rs strategy to getting more qualified leads using Google Local Services Ads:​

Watch this video and learn how to affect each of the 3R’s strategies:

  • Response Time
  • Reviews
  • Radius

1) How to improve Response Time

The first R is response time. To optimize your intake team’s ability to answer calls and messages, it’s important that you have a quick turnaround on responses from Google Screened leads, as well as those who contact via Text Messages or Email. Only one email address is notified when a message is received from Google Screened.

The solution lies not just with having enough staff but also being able to respond quickly so people don’t hang up before getting an answer. We’ve solved this problem by using a call answering service so that you can convert many more of these leads!

Business Man on the Phone - Accelerate Marketing

Tips on how to improve your response time:

  • The intake team should be able to access a system through which they can check if there is an incoming or outgoing phone call. The more efficient way to do this process is using an agency. 
  • To help the intake team better understand their daily workload, create an accountability spreadsheet that details which calls are completed and any missed ones.
  • Move your leads from the Google Local Services Ads dashboard to either completed or archive.
  • Add notes, email, and customer name if available.
  • You don’t want to move all your leads to the archive section because what you are telling Google is that you are not really working your leads effectively.
  • Call back any potential customers.
  • Remember you will be charged if you don’t identify your leads!

2) How to improve Reviews:

The second of the 3R’s optimization strategy is Reviews. Setting up your Google Screened page early is the key to success, and getting high numbers of reviews from satisfied customers will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

5 star reviews - Accelerate Marketing

Tips on how to improve your Reviews:

To affect reviews Local Services Ads Supports advice:

  • When you’re ready to ask for a review, use your Google My Business Link as this will show up on both GMB and LSA pages. Alternatively, you can also use the Google link you receive when you sign up for Local Services Ads, although we recommend using the GMB link. 
  • Ask for a review when you mark a lead as being booked. You can select this option from the dashboard and by doing so you are authorizing Google to send an email to your client with a link where they can leave a review.
  • Ask for a review using the “Reviews” tab on the app or desktop next to each job.
  • You can also ask for reviews from other clients who didn’t necessarily book through Local Services Ads by using the “Add a Review” feature on your business profile. This allows customers to rate your business and write a review.

Learn how to Rank Up with verified reviews Here

3) How to improve Radius?

The third R is Radius and this might be the most important of all three. It determines what business gets selected to show up in Google Screened based on how far away they are from your location. This makes it crucial for optimizing a radius strategy! 

The best way to achieve success when doing so would be to create more screened pages that cover wider areas. This way there’s always an option available.

You should be able to establish multiple locations and rank high enough so that when someone searches for your product or service they will find their way towards one of yours.

Would you like to learn more? Watch the following video:

Tips on how to improve your Radius:

  • The more LSA pages you have, the better your chances of getting a successful Ad. For instance, a Law Firm can set up a Local Services Ad for each job type such as Personal Injury Attorney and Disability. This will increase its Radius and chances of obtaining more leads. 
  • If you just set up a Google Screened page you could run the risk of being taken down and getting suspended. Our advice would be to connect a Google Screened page with a verified Google My Business Page. Google Screened is looking at Google My Business to identify real businesses and not spam. 
  • Set up multiple locations for your business but be aware a P.O Box is not the answer. You can run the risk of being taken down. To learn more about this subject watch our video How to Have Multiple Locations
  • When you set up locations, go for major cities and in this way increase your chances of getting more leads.

The Google Guarantee Badge is a great opportunity to level up your Local SEO strategy and increase your chances of getting leads. We know how overwhelming can be to learn a new tool and form of advertising. Considering this is a relatively new form of Ads, we have created a dedicated Youtube Channel to help you with all your questions about Google Local Services Ads.

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At Accelerate Marketing, our team of Local Services Ads Experts will help you get started with your campaign. As a Google Certified Partner, we know how to get results with paid ads and we’re here every step of the way!Google Guarantee Badge

Would you like to learn more?  Talk to Ryan Steinolfson, CEO of Accelerate Marketing and Local Services Ads Expert.

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Ryan Steinolfson - Accelerate Marketing CEO
Ryan Steinolfson - Accelerate Marketing CEO