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    Trust is an essential part of continuing operations for small business owners and corporate managers. Without trust, consumers won’t have faith in company products, making marketing campaigns and client outreach difficult. 

    Businesses can establish trust in their products with the right tools and software, giving consumers a service that users can comfortably rely on. That’s where Google Screened shines.

    Modern businesses have begun to leverage digital analytics and keywords to ensure their messaging reaches the most consumers possible. By combining mechanisms for trust with transparent digital search algorithms, Google Screened is building trust back into the anonymity of the online space.

    What Is Google Screened?

    It can be difficult for businesses to inspire confidence in potential customers when reaching across multiple markets. Without knowing about a company, understanding their products, or having any indication of their quality, buyers are more likely to look elsewhere. 

    With Google Screened, businesses can attach a sense of trust to their Local Service Ads.

    Google Screened is making it simple for consumers to see who they can rely on for certain services by offering a way for businesses to rise to the top of geo-targeted searches faster. 

    Traditionally, placing Local Service Ads was difficult because users still had no idea how well a company’s services might fit their needs. Google Screened gives companies a way to verify users’ identities to improve the level of trust that people place in professionals.

    How Can Google Screened Improve My Marketing Campaign?

    When businesses set out to deliver on their strategic objectives, they often rely on advertising targeted directly to consumers. However, when trust is involved, consumers are often more difficult to sway. This reluctance makes creating effective digital campaigns much more difficult. 

    Rather than relying on traditional means of verifying identities for professionals across verticals, businesses can leverage the power of Google Screened and Local Service Ads to ensure they have all of the right people on board. 


    For businesses that need to gain the trust of potential clients, it’s essential to be able to quickly address their issues. 

    Google Screened makes it easy for businesses to connect with local consumers, allowing enterprises to capture more leads and refine their marketing strategies without the added hassle. With Google screened, any business can comfortably promote its services.


    Google Screened is becoming a popular way for businesses to find and attract new customers. 

    Google Screened improves marketing by giving businesses an inexpensive option for ad-based campaigns as you only pay per leads and not per clicks as it’s the case with Google Ads. 


    Obtaining a Google Screened badge is not an option for everybody. Only verified users will be able to display the icon in search results, and they must first pass a background check to even be considered. 

    This screening confers trust in a badge owner’s business, allowing them to connect with more people. Google Screened is building certainty into digital marketing campaigns.

    How to Get Google Screened?

    The process to get Google Screened can be simple, yet it still takes time. Each step of the vetting and verification will require about 2-3 days from start until finish with background checks taking a bit longer. These checks will depend on the country you are in, the region and if the service provider does the check through a Google Affiliate partner like us or directly though Google. 

    The background check includes license checks, business owner identity check, service professionals, insurance check and other advance checks. 


    How Much Does Google Screened Cost?

    With Google Screened you can set up how much you want to invest and as we mentioned earlier you only pay for qualified leads and not per click. You can try the “Budget Tool” Here

    Google Guaranteed and Screened Budget Tool

    Who Is Eligible to Get the Google Screened Badge?

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