Local and rapidly growing (the company has grown its gross sales by 500% in the last 7 months!) northern Palm Beach County online marketing company needs a student, intern or work at home parent (preferably located within 15 miles of West Palm Beach) for a client manager position that is an action taker, will finish a task through till it is finished, work hard outside an office without supervision, pays attention to details, has a laptop with a webcam (for online client meetings), a reliable high speed internet connection, writing and editing skills, computer, and online savvy, has excellent communication skills and is confident enough to ask a client for a referral when appropriate.

If you or someone you know has these skills and is willing to take on this exciting position, please fill out the survey https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFBjVlVzTzF3LVJtR2VFNEhmZXpsY0E6MA#gid=0 .  You will not be considered unless you fill out the attached form completely and please watch this video first: http://www.screencast.com/t/0vK5Ktoxk before you fill out the form.

If you do send me an email please put the words Accelerate Candidate in the subject line.

The responsibilities of the client manager job are as follows:

  • Meets with the client during the set up completion meeting in order to introduce themselves.
  • Manages the clients expectations.
  • Asks for referrals when the client compliments our company and when there is a referrable moment and passes that referral to the sales team.
  • Sets up and conducts all ROI meetings with clients and arranges for all ROI meetings to happen at least 10 days before the end of the month and in a two day period every two months.
  • Reviews the most recent bright local report (online rankings), analytics (website traffic), and call tracking reports (leads) with the client during every ROI meeting.
  • Corresponds with all client requests and questions via base camp (our customer communication tool) during the monthly maintenance phase.
  • Communicates with the sales person for the client if the client is threatening to leave.
  • Removes any clients off or Freshbooks (our billing software) recurring invoicing that decide to leave.
  • Submits 10 reviews to the directories on a monthly basis for each client either using LBL robot or creating online directory accounts for the person and submitting them manually.
  • Builds 15 additional online directory accounts for each client by hand per month.
  • Fills out the information form to have the video content transformed into a press release.
  • Informs the client of the press release getting picked up by the major press channels and shows the client the back links
  • Create back links by ordering a PR package on the content we create.
  • Sends all clients a monthly screencast discussion post via base camp that updates the client on all the reviews that have been posted to the back office through the review landing page, how many have gone live, and how many we are going to have to resubmit.
  • Edits all interview video's with Youtube editor that I have with the client on business trends tv on YouTube and makes a bunch of 2 minute video's out of them.
  • Posts all the video's to the clients youtube channel and their google plus local page.
  • Is constantly communicating with the client that we need more reviews and need more content and putting those requests on basecamp.
  • Optimize the video's that are produced.

The pay will start out at anywhere between $8 and $12 per hour depending on the level of experience for at least the first two months.  If you are the right person and contribute great suggestions to improve the company and help grow the company then you will get paid regular bonuses etc.

I am looking for somebody that wants to grow with the company and can work in a fast paced environment.

You will spend the first two to three weeks training and learning our “systems” and being introduced to how our systems work.

This is a support position but could turn into a sales/management position.

Training is included.

You must have your own computer and high-speed Internet access. It would be great if you have a web cam as you might be using skype to meet with either myself or my clients at some point.

The following are some additional basic skills to qualify for this exciting position:

Experience browsing the Web and doing online research (Know how to find solutions and answers online, using Google to find information

Good spelling and grammar skills

Writing and editing skills

Ability to communicate effectively with clients and solve problems on your own is highly desired

Assuming these basic skills are present, you'll gain additional training in all areas of online marketing with video training.

This is an extremely rewarding position for someone who loves to learn, has a passion for details, enjoys helping small to medium sized local business grow, has the ability to take a task and run with it on their own, and is excited by the thought of Internet marketing and production. It's an opportunity to learn extremely valuable skills that can turn into a career with rapid responsibility advancement.

The ideal candidate might also have these qualities:

Good speaking voice

Ability to select and edit pictures or photographs

Some online video experience

Willingness to learn new software and skills

Highly organized and ability to run with a task on their own and accomplish it

Detail-oriented and has the ability to follow a step by step system

Enthusiastic positive can do attitude

Wants to work hard

Reliable… does what they say they are going to do


Even-tempered / no attitude

Ability to follow directions and take notes

Outstanding listener, pays attention to details

Quick learner, wants to study and learn new skills continually


Executes tasks without being micromanaged

Work Location

Your home or office.

You will be working 40 hours a week.

Access to software systems to submit content is included