Why it’s Important to Ask YOUR Google My Business Page Questions


Ryan Steinolfson: 00:00 Yeah.

Crystal Horton: 00:03 Hello everyone. How are you today? Um, Ryan and I are here live signing in to talk to you about why it’s important to ask your google my business page questions.

Ryan Steinolfson: 00:16 Yeah.

Crystal Horton: 00:18 I’m going to share my screen here. Can you see my screen?

Ryan Steinolfson: 00:22 Yes, I can.

Crystal Horton: 00:23 Perfect.

Ryan Steinolfson: 00:28 This is a brand new. This is a brand new tool. I mean, I think it’s very important to point that out is not something that’s been around for too long, but it’s great because a lot of times people put [inaudible] on their website and so the opportunity is that you can get people to find the answers that they need or the, the, the answers to the questions that they need immediately and therefore making it much easier to do business with your business. So they’ll, they’ll be much more likely to pick up the phone and call you if they know that, if they know the questions to the answers to the questions that they have. That makes sense.

Crystal Horton: 01:02 Yep, that makes sense. And so a lot of the questions that you’ve got to ask yourself are some of the most commonly asked questions that you received, um, so that you’d been help move along the process. I’m sorry, just to make sure we were life. I’ve making sure, um, to receive a phone call or to get a website click or to have that visit go into your business.

Ryan Steinolfson: 01:30 Yep.

Crystal Horton: 01:31 OK. Yeah. So right here is where the um, Faq is what we’re talking about right here. And so, you know, in order to ask yourself the question, you just click on this button here which says ask a question and you post it and then it shows up here. And so you can see, look, we have 11 questions here so you can see some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive. And then we give a response back and sometimes too we give a response back linking, linking back to a video that we’ve done.

Ryan Steinolfson: 02:07 Yep.

Crystal Horton: 02:09 Is there, I mean it’s, it’s pretty simple. There’s not much more to add to that.

Ryan Steinolfson: 02:17 So here is, here’s, here’s what is really important for people. Can you see me?

Crystal Horton: 02:24 No,

Ryan Steinolfson: 02:28 so what’s really important for people to understand is there is, there is a lot to add to this because, um, you can see here that, OK, so there’s, first of all, one of the questions you might have is, well, who can ask questions? Can we ask ourselves our own questions? The answer is yes you can. It’s really important for you to understand is that, you know, this is the opportunity, is that you can go ahead and ask a question and it, it will be shown as I mean you. And so go ahead and ask yourself these questions. You don’t have to wait for somebody else to ask questions that are pertinent to your business. You can ask yourself your own questions and then respond and you can see how the response comes from accelerate marketing. You see that? So we’re on the Zuora marketing, Google my business page. So the response you’re going to come from us because only we can answer these questions when we’re logging into your google my business page, but anybody with a google profile can ask these questions. Does that make sense?

Crystal Horton: 03:35 Yep, that makes sense.

Ryan Steinolfson: 03:37 So that’s really important because then I want you guys to get this, and by the way, if you look at, click on the little, the three little dots on the right-hand side, crystal. OK? So you can edit, you can edit these responses at any time as well. So they’re not like, you don’t just get a one time shot and you’re done. And then click on what, what is voice search and why does it matter? OK. So you can even edit that because you’re the one who actually added that question, I believe, right?

Crystal Horton: 04:08 Yes.

Ryan Steinolfson: 04:10 Which is, yeah. So, which is nice, I mean, so I mean that’s. So you can edit both the questions and you can edit through responses. So you have full control over this. And Crystal, you know, one of the big benefits here and one of the, one of the little secrets, one of our strategies is that you actually responded with video there, right?

Ryan Steinolfson: 04:34 Yes ma’am.

Ryan Steinolfson: 04:36 Do you want to add to that?

Crystal Horton: 04:39 Um, well I don’t even know. Let’s see. I did notice that when I added the link or you know, down here further, when I went to add the video that’s posted on Google my business, it doesn’t necessarily create that hyperlinks and that’s OK because eventually it’ll show up, but what I know what the purpose of that is to give some information that answers the question, but also to provide more value by saying, hey, you can find more details here on this video that we’ve created as well.

Ryan Steinolfson: 05:19 Just highlight that crystal. Let’s just, let’s just show instead of. Yeah, tell him. Let’s make sure people understand what we’re talking about. So in the answer there, what crystal talking about is at the bottom there, just highlight the actual video link there. So there’s a video link. What crystal did is she just, she just actually posted just the video link in with the response so that if somebody wants to they can copy and paste that video link into their browser and they can actually play that video. So if you can just post that up top there, that’s something. And then yeah, there you go. And in a new browser and then somebody can play that video and there is the response and this, this ties into what I think crystal and we talked about the video adding videos to the Google my business page yet or not.

Ryan Steinolfson: 06:13 Can you hear me right? Can you hear me?

Ryan Steinolfson: 06:17 The way I think there’s, I think there’s a delay. So yeah, so we did talk. We did talk about it. OK. So basically you can add video to your google my business page and um, and I want you guys to understand that you, you can do that. So if you can actually add video to the Google my business page and that is, that is what you can use as a response to these questions. So just like you can grab a link from a youtube video, you can grab a link from the videos that you’re posting to your google my business page in the, in the photo section. So you actually go to the photo section or your Google my business page and that’s where you’re out the photos or the videos. And once you had the video then you can actually add the video link to the question as an answer and then people can watch the video if they actually copy and paste that link into the browser and in order to play it right.

Crystal Horton: 07:28 Well that was the thought process, but it’s not working out the way that we had thought it was. You can see right here, this is the link to the video and it cuts off because you’re only allowed certain amount of characters and so it cut off the rest of the link so we can’t necessarily get to. Yeah. So that’s why I’m. Once I recognize that I started referring to the youtube video.

Ryan Steinolfson: 07:55 OK. So what you can do, crystal, is you can use the Goo Goo.gl, so g o dot g l a g o o dot [inaudible] shortner a url shortener and shorten it. And that way you can make it a short url. And that way it’ll fit in there and people can play it.

Crystal Horton: 08:13 Perfect. So this is what you’re referring to, right Ryan,

Ryan Steinolfson: 08:19 just put that long link in there. So the original url and put that in there and then you’ll show people exactly what we’re talking about. If you just grab one of those long video urls from our, from our photos section, then you can just shorten it and it’ll be, it’ll only be like maybe 15, 20 characters long. Once you shorten it, instead of a huge number of their whole whole long string at the top there. And then you’d put that in there and then you shorten and then there you go.

Crystal Horton: 09:02 Thirty. Yeah.

Ryan Steinolfson: 09:04 That put, now you put that in there and then you’re, you’re golden. And you can put that anywhere you want. And the great thing about that is that you can use that as the, that it’ll track how many people actually click on it. So you can actually now you can grab that, you edit it, boom. That makes it easy, right?

Crystal Horton: 09:25 Yes. That makes it a lot easier.

Ryan Steinolfson: 09:29 So we just, we just solved the problem on the fly there. So. So there you go. So that, like I said, I mean, you’ll know exactly how many people are clicking on that in, in that, uh, that Goo gl short link. It’ll actually tell you when you click, it’ll show, you see, there you go. Give the analytics, which is great. I mean google. So there’s so many tools that are available for this is just one of them, but now you can share that link anywhere you want to and it makes it nice because you can share it on twitter and things like that. And you can, you can see how many people are clicking on it. Kinda like a bitly link.

Ryan Steinolfson: 10:08 So, um, so anyway, so the, the um, you know, the, the problem is, is that people can’t find out information about your business. They don’t know what you got, what you do, they don’t know what makes us unique. This is these q and a’s question and answers that you have on your google. My business page can really help you differentiate your business from everybody else and basically help you highlight your, your own unique selling proposition and doing. And you can do it in such a way with video that makes it just really engaging. And um, and if you do this, you’re going to get more inbound phone calls and you’re also gonna you’re going to get more real estate on your own or with your google my business page. And when you do that, when you take up more real estate, more people are gonna.

Ryan Steinolfson: 11:06 See your google my business page. You’re going to pay attention. They’re going to like the fact that you’re giving them the answers to the questions that they have and they’re going to be much more likely to engage with your business. And so if you want to learn more about how to do this and for your business so that you can get the results that, that we’re producing for this. This morning we found out that we were generating were going to generate over $3,000,000 in additional revenue for a property management company that we’ve only been working with for about five months since October of 2017. And we compared their inbound phone calls and inbound lead generation for the first quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018. And we’ve already seen that, that just from our, what we’re doing in our foundation products, which this is part of it, the Google my business optimization is part of our local seo foundation product along with reputation, which is all we did with them really for the first five months.

Ryan Steinolfson: 12:10 Now as a result, they’re getting an additional seven new doors, new, um, new leases for their profit management company, which translates into, um, over a quarter of a million dollars a year for their business, uh, at least. And that’s, that’s really, really cool. Um, because actually each, they’re like customer lifetime value for each new door is about $10,000 and they’re getting, they’re getting, um, an additional eight every quarter. That’s $80,000, times four. So that’s $320,000 every year in additional revenue. That’s only gonna go up. So it’s almost a, almost a half a million dollars less conservative in additional revenue per year. So over the next five years you’re looking at. Yeah, I mean that’s uh, that’s over 250. It’s over two point $5,000,000 in additional revenue, which is a really cool. So, um, I really, you know, it’s fun doing this stuff, but here’s the thing guys, a lot of this stuff, OK, I want you to really understand this stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Like if you don’t keep track of your numbers, like we did very, very. We did very detailed with this company. I mean we, we had to get really specific and keep track of all the inbound emails and phone calls and everything that they had for first quarter, 2017, the first quarter [inaudible].

Ryan Steinolfson: 13:52 That is, that’s, that’s why local Seo and reputation management marketing don’t get the credit that they deserve is because, and this is, this is really a big takeaway that I want you guys to understand, is that if you’re not doing those foundational products, if you’re not doing local Seo and reputation management marketing, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. We’ve done this over and over and over again for businesses and specifically property management companies and we’ve seen the same results. It’s, it’s, it’s a tortoise game. It’s not a, it’s not a hair game, meaning it’s, it’s a slower paced game. Know about the benefits are long-term and they’re long lasting and they can literally transform your business over time, like double your revenue. And I’m like, we saw what this, what this most recent case study and what we see it over and over again. So you want to know more, go to [inaudible] forward slash [inaudible] slavery marketing will give you our case study. I’m not this one that we, just the most recent one with, uh, with uh, Arthur Johnson snowballing in Australia, but with, with another one that, what’s that?

Crystal Horton: 15:09 Shaking your head

Ryan Steinolfson: 15:13 but, but with, but with um, Steve Rosenberg in a, for empire, um, we, uh, we’ve got a case study that we’ve done with him and where we’ve increased the number of doors that he had four years ago from 200 to 800 now. And um, we document, we show you exactly what we did. Um, and so if you want to get that download and

Crystal Horton: 15:38 you can put the link in below and. Yeah. Yeah. All right. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Ryan Steinolfson: 15:51 Are you got to check out the checkout, the hummingbird.

Crystal Horton: 15:54 That’s so cool.

Ryan Steinolfson: 15:59 Um, anyway. All right. So awesome. Yeah. Thanks crystal.

*We use voice dictation so please forgive any spelling or syntax errors

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