How to make a Local Page to Rank in Other Cities

So you want to rank in a city that is not your listed address on Google My Business. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Follow this guide to create a local page for each city that you want to rank in search for.


Here are some things to include in your local page:


  1. Create a local page for 10-15 cities max. Because any more can be excessive.
  2. Posts should be landing page type posts. Posts that are relevant to the area you serve. Above all, It should also be interesting to read and engaging. Do not use a cookie cutter method or repetitive content.
  3. Provide resources about events, bylaws, and information that are linked to your products/ services in the area.
  4. Get testimonials and reviews from clients in the targeted city and add them to your page.
  5. Add a guarantee on the page. For the reason that you will give potential customers peace of mind about choosing you. Additionally, make it a return policy or money back guarantee.
  6. Show any associations and memberships that are recognized in your industry. City specific memberships, Chamber of Commerce, Business associations, and meet-up groups should be included.
  7. Include contact information that is easy to read and find. Best way to get in touch, all phone numbers, and email addresses. Also Insert a Contact form, hours of operation, directions, and accepted payment methods.


Additional information to include in your local page:

  1. Share any events that your business participates in the targeted city. Also provide the details of the events and give details about any booths that you set up at events. Including, location, hours, what to expect, specials, and a link to the website.
  2. Is your business involved in community activities, sponsorships, donations, etc.? (In the targeted city) Also, add photographs, what you sponsor, etc.
  3. Add in any pictures and videos that are related to any of the content above.
  4. Create a FAQ for the targeted city. Incorporate relevant city specific Q&As into the answers.
  5. Showcase projects and services of clients that are located in the target city. 
  6. Create a case study or customer success story from that city.
  7. Where should you put your Local pages? Put them in an “areas we serve” tab on your navigation menu.
  8. Local page should be keyword optimized for Top Keyword + City.

Watch this YouTube video for more information about the benefits of creating local pages:


Video about Local SEO For Multiple Locations:

✅Get two or three good backlinks to a location page. Because it is the difference between invisibility and being number one in Google.

✅Multi-location businesses can build reputation and review ratings. Also, Smaller businesses have an advantage over brands. Because they can make changes and pivot very quickly compared to massive companies bound in red tape.

✅Think about the content your visitor wants to see when visiting your location page. Make it prominent. Include service details, phone number, address, or all of the above.


Answer these questions in each of your targeted city pages:


Answer these questions in your local page to create a story about your business. And how you serve that city.


When did you establish your company?


How long have you been serving customers in the targeted city?


What are the core values of your company to make sure the customer has the best experience possible? What is your mission statement?


How are your services better/ different from the competition?


What services and products are offered in the targeted city?


Do you have a team that works specifically in the targeted city? Write a bio about each of the team members in this city. And what they like about this city.


Have you been featured in a blog post, new article, or magazine that is relevant to the targeted city?


Now go make your first local page!


Well there you go. We’ve showed you how to create a local page to help you rank in cities that you are not listed for. Finally, make sure this page is Keyword optimized using the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. Also, include links and have other websites link back to your city page when relevant. You can view our post on link building here.


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