People are on the go more than ever. This means that people do not have the time to sit on their computers all day and create marketing content. People need to be able to create marketing content easily while they are on the go.


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Live stream Marketing w/ SEM rush. Start using live stream now! 14:51


4 tips for live streaming

Let’s say you are busy with your business. You don’t have time to sit in one place in an office, create a video and then wait while it uploads. That is a waste of time.


Ever wonder how to grow your business for free? The answer is LIVE STREAMING. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for marketing campaigns and sitting behind a computer recording videos, try live streaming so you can upload content when it is convenient for you. The best and most effective use of your time would be to just press a button whenever you want. With live stream you can broadcast content immediately and there you have it, content uploaded and streaming immediately.


Before you start with live stream check out these tips.

1.     Write down your titles ahead of time, so when you are ready to start live streaming all you have to do is copy and paste the title in your broadcast. 3:20

2.     Read your comments as you are live streaming so that you can get immediate feedback.

3.     Network with other people using live stream. Collaborate with other users and invite them to your live streams.

4.     Use an olloclip and jelly tripod to create an optimal live stream experience for your followers.


Live streaming is something new and is becoming more popular. Don’t wait until it is too late before you start using live stream for marketing. Start now and take advantage of all the potential of live streaming. Why wouldn’t you use a free marketing tool like live streaming?


Ready, set, live stream!