What is Voice Search & Why Does it Matter?


Crystal Horton: 00:02 Hello everyone, how are you today? Um, I’m krystal Horton with accelerate marketing, one of the account managers for accelerate marketing where we help businesses like yours becomes the go to business in your niche. I’m, in other words, we help your business dominate your online reputation and local Seo. So today I’m discussing what is voice search and why does it matter what mood? I just want to make sure this is working for good. OK. So voice search is the ability to talk to a device and get answers back. So I’m sure you’ve talked to Siri or Cortana or Alexa, now we have Alexa in the house and my kids absolutely love talking to Alexa and playing jeopardy and even asking like, what’s the weather like today? And I read recently, um, that Alexa is now getting geared towards recommending what to wear for the day or what to pair with your genes or your shoes or your shirt. Have you heard about that, Ryan?

Ryan Steinolfson: 01:14 You know, apple, a apple, a google home, apple a home or something like that. And I mean, it’s just amazing. Like, you know, there’s, there’s going to be so many more of these searches being done and you know, it just, just like, you know, was google search years ago. It just, you know, us being trained to be get used to, you know, making these voice searches once we’re used to it and we’re trained to do it, we’re going to be doing it more and more and I think that we’re going to be doing it. Um, you know much we’re going to be, we’re going to be getting much more descriptive in terms of the, uh, words that we’re using Moreso than we even use when we type in a search on Google because it’s just easy. We’re just saying, Hey Alexa, find the best, you know, a dentist near me that’s got a five star rating. I mean, there’s going to be those types of searches, you know, Moreso than people typing that type of stuff in just because, you know, as you pointed out in the description, you know, we can talk four times as fast as we can type. You know,

Crystal Horton: 02:23 I figured out how to share this, but now it’s not working. So let me just share my screen. So I have some information that I definitely wanted to share here. I’ll just share my desktop here.

Ryan Steinolfson: 02:42 On the positive side is that you could be the best dentist showing up in search, voice surge when somebody goes to Alexa or by the way I forgot to mention this. This, these type of voice searches are happening on smartphones as well. You know when you, when you type in, you know, and you go to Siri and you’d say, Hey Siri, you know, who’s the, the, the dentist, who is the best dentist? Close to me that the voice search and that’s done with theory on your smartphone and, and the same thing is being done with android devices on android devices. So it’s not just from these devices that are in there in our smartphones and that’s why we’re going to see an exponential increase in these voice searches in the coming year and the search optimization that’s being done to make sure that you are. The business that’s being mentioned is different than the optimization that we’ve done for the past decade for search engine optimization for texts. That’s the key. That’s what you as a business, you need to be prepared for this. If you’re not, it’s the difference between you getting a phone call or not getting a phone call.

Crystal Horton: 03:56 Yeah, and it’s not waiting either. It’s, it’s starting now because look at how fast it’s grown from 2017 to now get faster interaction leads to greater consumer retention and engagement. So for those that are sitting on the fence stops.

Ryan Steinolfson: 04:16 Not only that, I mean I, I have to say that, you know, this is, there’s no better example of how lo, how seo is tied their reputation. Then with voice search. Why? Because when somebody says, give me the best dentist near me, done that. Taken into a lot of parameters. It’s taking in to account the person’s location, so geography and it’s also taking into account that business’s reputation, whether it’s on. So for Siri, who do you think Siri uses for the star rating or the business to determine who is the best of whatever it is that you’re looking forward? What do you think it’s. You think it’s Google review or do you think it’s something else?

Crystal Horton: 05:07 Oh No, I think it’s google.

Ryan Steinolfson: 05:09 No, it’s not. It’s yelp. Yelp. So Siri uses yelp to. I grab. It’s a contractual basis. It’s the same thing. If you look up the business on maps for your iphone as opposed to Google maps. If you do a search for a business that what the reviews that are showed that are shown on the maps, on your iphone as a as opposed to Google maps will show you the reviews that it’ll pull in the reviews from yelp and not google. Why? Because you know apple’s got a thing against Google, right? I mean they’ve been competitors for a long time and so they’re not going to show google used. They’re going to show yelp reviews. I just want you guys, I want you guys to understand this, that the reviews are going to be pulled in to those searches that people are doing what their voice is really, really important that you get this as a business owner, that your reputation is absolutely going to be front and center when somebody verbalizes to Siri, to Alexa, you know, to, you know, Cortana, et Cetera, when, when they say that’s restaurant near me, make no mistake, they’re going to pull those reviews from either Google if it’s on an android device and it’s using, um, Google home or you know, but, and then on a apple device, it’s going to pull those reviews from yelp.

Ryan Steinolfson: 06:50 So you want to make sure that you’ve got a favorable five star reputation first. Really, really important. And that’s why we pair local Seo with our foundation product, a local Seo with reputation as our foundation product. Because both of those are really inseparable. They’re, they, they go together hand in hand. And this is a great example of that.

Crystal Horton: 07:14 Yeah, definitely. Why we started talking last week about online reputation cause that’s where your foundation starts. And how well you align impacts how the search engines rank you. Just like you had said. Yeah, the really cool part in my research as far as when it comes to voice search is that 71 percent of people use voice assistance for, you know, tasks like asking questions or searching for something specific. So they also stated that people that are aged 45 and over make up the biggest percentage of voice assistant users.

Ryan Steinolfson: 07:57 Yeah. Wow.

Crystal Horton: 08:01 So 45 and older are making the most searches with their voice.

Crystal Horton: 08:05 Yes.

Ryan Steinolfson: 08:07 So I would, I would fall in that criteria because I’m 46. So there you go.

Crystal Horton: 08:10 Yeah. Yeah. So that’s, I mean that’s even great. But the other thing too that I discovered during research was that the use of voice enabled speakers, I guess I’ll call that for now since there’s so many different types, but they’re saying that it’s going to grow by a hundred and 30 percent this year in 2018. This was the quote percentage from last year.

Ryan Steinolfson: 08:35 Wow.

Ryan Steinolfson: 08:37 Well we’re already [inaudible] third were already more than a quarter of the way through this year. So or close to a quarter way through the year. So there you go. If you want it, there’s no doubt that your business this month is going to have multiple, not tens of people actually doing a voice search. And the question is, is are people hearing your business?

Crystal Horton: 09:09 Yeah, yeah. Can you hear me? Yep, I can hear you now.

Ryan Steinolfson: 09:15 Yeah. The question is, is your business being mentioned by Cortana or Siri or Alexa, etc. When they, when they actually do that, when they verbalize that type of a surge or a, um, you know, to those devices. That’s a, that’s a good question.

Crystal Horton: 09:33 That’s the big question is, is your Website, is your website speaking google also known as, Schema right?

Ryan Steinolfson: 09:41 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, you know, schema is one component of local seo is just one component. You know, google’s search language yet is schema, but it’s not just for google that, that schema is for, you know, being yahoo, you know, for all, all the search directories and that’s just one strategy that we have in order to, uh, make it so that your business is better optimized for search. Um, but yeah, I mean ultimately, you know, we want to make sure that, that you’re optimized for research and, and uh, and there’s many different strategies. You know, we were just talking earlier today about um, you know, link building is another very, very big strategy for, for actually I’m showing up in search, but you know, let’s keep this focused on what we’re talking about and, and, and yeah, but that, uh, that voice search, any other good data you got there?

Crystal Horton: 10:42 The cool part too is ryan, is that just like google did when we first started with google and we would ask it a question, it would give us the specific answer to that question and then through times the search engines then provided us with what our next question might be giving those answers. So now voice search is putting that together to where siri is answering additional questions that you might have before you even ask.

Ryan Steinolfson: 11:11 Yeah, it’s, it’s becoming smart. And, and knowing just like youtube knows what videos that I would potentially like based on my previous searches that I’ve done or videos that I previously watched. It just gets smarter and smarter and it serves up exactly what I’m looking for eventually.

Crystal Horton: 11:32 Yeah. And it’s part of the customer journey to where they’re saying google sees the move into voice search as a natural extension with the current customer journey. So now it’s becoming part of that journey.

Ryan Steinolfson: 11:48 Yeah. It’s just a natural. The words just as easily as somebody would do a search from their smartphone or their desktop laptop or the ipad. I’m on google or yelp or bing or yahoo. They, they’re just as they’re becoming more and more comfortable doing a voice search and just pressing the button or just use their voice to say, hey alexa, hey google home. Hey, you know, siri, you know, you know it. And then doing, doing the search that way,

Crystal Horton: 12:16 going back to it so that they can then go and purchase it a few hours later.

Ryan Steinolfson: 12:23 Yeah. Yeah. So is there. And that’s just amazing. Hundred and 30 percent increases year. Um, and those were all the devices or the apple device, the google device, a microsoft device, etc.

Crystal Horton: 12:37 Amazon,

Ryan Steinolfson: 12:39 amazon, ibm has even got one. So those are all the voice. The voice devices that are in the home, um, yeah, that’s really, that’s really powerful. And again, guys, if you don’t have good reviews, you know, if somebody’s verbalizing that they want the best, you’re not going to show up. And that’s a very compelling surge, you know, that’s going to be done more and more. And another big search is another little key is near me near me is a big, big search that people are doing now. They want to know what’s near me and that search is being done more and more, uh, as, as time goes on, people who are wanting to know what’s near them. And that’s something that we’re, that we’re honing in on when we do our, when we set up our reports, one of the keywords that will identify what the most important keywords are for the reports that we generate. Crystal, like the rank tracker report or the local seo report or the google my business report to show how business compared to their competition. Which by the way, if you guys want one, let us know and we can generate one. But, and I know that there’s probably a link for somebody that the were, where do we want people to go if they, if they have questions

Crystal Horton: 13:54 right now, I just posted the link. It’s in stop me forward slash accelerate marketing.

Ryan Steinolfson: 14:01 Ok. And that the facebook messenger. Do you want to? Yeah, if you want to message, go ahead and message just there and then you can even just type in local seo as a key word and we’ll deliver some really great content. WhaT do they get when they get it?

Crystal Horton: 14:17 I’ll drop the link in here so you can, you don’t even have to type local seo in, but if you click on that link, you can download and read the case study to learn how a property management company got over 371 reviews on google on the first position on google maps and generated over 100 in three inbound leads per month from the search engines.

Ryan Steinolfson: 14:43 Wow. That’s really powerful. That’s, ah, that’s what businesses want to do. I mean, when you can get those kinds of results, I can vouch for that. I mean, that’s, that’s kevin, uh, over uh, Kevin Davis, the more in the marketing department at, um, empire industries and our friends, uh, you know, steven rosenberg and a new big over there are growing to seven locations now. They went from, you know, they contacted me four years ago in the houston area and I’m like, oh my gosh, good luck ranking, you know, on the maps and organically for a big city like houston for the reward, like property management, you know, when you’re, when you’re talking to property managers, if you, if you’re a property manager, you know what I’m talking about, ranking for the keyword. Property management is like the holy grail. And um, so I, I didn’t really think it’d be possible, but, you know, what they did is they listened to what I said they implemented or are a review culture training that we did with them.

Ryan Steinolfson: 15:43 They got, they now have over 300 some odd reviews. Uh, we built up there, set, we claim their [inaudible] directories, we help them do some local link building. And um, and now they’re getting 100 inbound phone calls every single week, every single month and uh, that that’s just transformed their business. I mean their number one lead source and when people call they’re already pre-sold because they’ve already seen the reputation, they’ve seen the 300 plus reviews and they’re already, they already come with a 40 because they’re showing up on the first position on maps and what their website in the organic section as well. And google and yahoo and bing.

Crystal Horton: 16:30 Yeah.

Ryan Steinolfson: 16:32 So that is really good.

Crystal Horton: 16:34 Make sure you download it. You don’t want to miss it out. Our time is up, uh, just to let you know, monday through friday, live sharing some successful strategies. Every once in a while, thankfully ryan will join us and drop his knowledge bombs as well. And so this week we’re talking about local seo. Next week is all about google my business and then the week after that I’ll talk about reviews and online reputation. So my homework for you today is to do a voice search and use the word near me and see what happens. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about link building and so we’ll see you tomorrow. Create a great recipe. B

Ryan Steinolfson: 17:14 Let me, let me say it in terms of the homework guys, but I would say is this is do a voice search on whatever voice device you have and verbalize your business name and your city and do other searches with your business name and city and near me or best keyword. So like best property management company near me or best property manager near me or in some of the words. This is by the way, one of the, one of the searches that we do the most when we have type it out and whatever your keyword is, your city and the word reviews and um, that’s another really good search to do. And um, anyway, that’s, that’s um, awesome. Is there any, what, what can people do in order to help their boys or are there any specific strategy that people can use to improve their, their search?

Crystal Horton: 18:09 The strategy is really what we shared was, you know, reviews, reviews, and claiming of those directories, which I talked about yesterday and touch base on it as well. Or you don’t have any additional questions getting in contact with us where we’re always available to answer questions within 15 minutes with either a video, an audio message, or a video message, and you can send us messages that m dot [inaudible] forward slash accelerate marketing.

Ryan Steinolfson: 18:09 Thanks, Crystal.

Crystal Horton: 18:09 Bye everyone.

*We use voice dictation so please forgive any spelling or syntax errors

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