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    What is Google Guaranteed?

    The Google Guaranteed program was designed to increase customer confidence in from Google Ads. Businesses that have been certified by Google Guaranteed Services will have a green and white check mark displayed next to their ads in search results.

    What does Google Guaranteed mean for customers? When a customer sees the checkmark, they know the company has undergone additional screening and verification. This verification reduces the likelihood of fraud and increases trust. 

    Companies that have the Google Guaranteed badge earn better ad placement. This improved placement increases visibility and leads. 

    Google Screened vs. Google Guaranteed

    The Google Guaranteed program was introduced several years ago, while Google Screened came about a year later. Both programs are intended to boost trust and confidence, but there are important differences between the two.

    In the Google Guaranteed program, businesses go through a verification process. Once that is complete and they have been certified, Google agrees to guarantee their work up to 2000 dollars. What this means is that a customer who is not satisfied with the services they receive may contact Google. 

    The company will then investigate and reimburse the customer if Google finds their claims to be valid. Google Guaranteed was created for home services companies initially. However, it has been expanded to many other verticals.

    Google Screened is intended for professional services companies. That includes legal, financial planning, childcare, and real estate. The vetting includes checking for appropriate licensing and background checks. 

    A business that is Google Screened will have a green checkmark as well, but it is slightly different than the Google Guaranteed badge. More importantly, Google Screened does not offer customers any form of reimbursement if they are unhappy.

    How to Get Google Guaranteed?

    There are great reasons to pursue a Google Guaranteed badge. People in search of local services will see this as an additional indicator of trust. The badge that appears next to your company name may be small, but it’s visually significant enough to make your ad stand out in search results.

    Here’s how to become Google Guaranteed:

    • Create a Google My Business profile
    • Take the steps required to implement local services ads 
    • Upload a copy of your business license
    • Submit to and pass a background screening
    • Obtain an insurance verification (certain business categories)

    In addition to business owners, any employees that enter customers’ homes will have to pass a background check as well. 

    How do you earn the Google Screened badge for your business? The process is largely the same. Google will verify that your business is licensed and insured. 

    However, since the industries have varying requirements from one location to another, the specific background checks may vary. Finally, your business will need to have a Google rating of at least three stars.

    How Much Does Google Guaranteed Cost?

    The exact amount will depend on your industry, location, and lead category. You are able to control this by setting a weekly or monthly ad budget. Try the “Budget Tool” Here 

    These costs can absolutely be worthwhile if you are able to make the most of every lead you earn. This opportunity is why it is so important to approach local services ads with a digital marketing strategy that is designed to turn leads into conversions.


    Google Guaranteed and Screened Budget Tool

    Who Is Eligible to Get the Google Guaranteed Badge?

    It’s easy to see that companies with the Google Screened badge enjoy more visibility, greater trust among local consumers, and increased lead volume. So are you able to become a Google Guaranteed business?

    The first step you will want to take is to verify that you are in an eligible industry for Google Guarantee. Then, you’ll need to ensure that you are properly licensed and insured. 

    Finally, check out your online ratings. If you aren’t at that three stars level, address that first before you proceed. In addition to providing excellent services to local customers, you can encourage satisfied consumers to leave reviews on Google.

    Google has created this program for local businesses. Because of this, they verify information such as your service area, hours, address, and contact information. All of this information should be consistent between your Google My Business profile, your website, and your Local Services Ads info. 

    Finally, check your page performance. It isn’t enough to pass the screening processes to get the priority ad placement of Google Guarantee. Your ads must be relevant, and your pages must be high-performing.

    Once you have set everything up, you will be notified of leads by phone, or through the local services ads app. Ad and account management can be handled through the app or using your Google Guaranteed login.

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