Results From Gaining Reviews – Case Study

Here are the benefits of gaining reviews.

This is a real case study from real client that works with Accelerate Marketing.

When we stared with Accelerate Marketing on July 23rd 2018 we had a 3.5 star rating and 93 reviews on Google.  96 days later we have a 3.9 star rating . And 140 reviews on Google (not to mention the 20 plus reviews we got on Facebook etc.).  Increased star rating, more meaningful reviews , and increased number of reviews are converting a much higher percentage of the people that find us on search.

Gaining ReviewsProperty management reviews

Since we started in July of 2018 with Accelerate. We have gained on average 500 plus (520 more in October [see image]) additional monthly visitors to our website. This is because of the Local Search Engine Optimization that Accelerate is doing.  If we paid Google Ads for this traffic it would cost us a minimum of $2,000 per month.


Gaining Reviews 


Finally, our company website, Google My Business Page, and other social media platforms are showing up on search 262 more times (see image).  The best thing is that all of these benefits are going to last for months or even years. And it will translate into hundreds of new doors for our company.

Gaining Reviews

Seo and Reputation Marketing can greatly increase the number of customers you can gain through Google, and Social Media platforms.  Positive changes made today will have a ripple effect on your business. More positive reviews today effects your business now and far into the future.