Why Online Reviews Are So Important And How to Get More of Them

If you were wondering how much effort to put into getting online reviews. How to gather them, and what to do with them. Then you’ve come to the right place.


In 2017 there was a local consumer review survey that highlighted these key statistics about reviews:


Why reviews are so important


In short, the review survey highlights these key facts:

  • Almost all customers go online to find a research local businesses.
  • Online Reviews are treated as personal recommendations.
  • Positive reviews are key to getting people to trust your business.
  • Half of people won’t use a business unless it is at least four stars.
  • Customers see responses to reviews as great customer service.
  • More than half of customers will leave feedback if asked.
  • Yelp, Facebook, Google, and BBB are the most trusted review sites.

Here are some other top sites:

Why reviews are so important

  • Customers read a handful of reviews before trusting a company or product.


Now that we know these key facts. We can now get more reviews. We can get the most out of these reviews. And we know how important it is to focus on getting more reviews.


How to get more reviews


Just ask! Have an easy to fill out form on every platform you can think of. Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews on your website, directories, on Facebook, in emails, through SMS, etc. You can even hand out printable cards with a QR code that you customer can just scan and review!


How to get the most out of reviews


Reply to every single one of your reviews! Positive and negative! Thanking customers for their positive feedback will make the reviewer like you more. It will also show potential new customers that you care about the customers and you are engaging.


When you receive a negative review. Do whatever you can to rectify the situation. Apologize and fix. Once you fix the situation, many customers will be happy to change their review. You now have another positive review!


There is another added benefit to fixing problems that arise in negative reviews. New potential customers will trust you more. They will see that you go the extra mile to fix your mistakes. That is something to be valued.

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