Search engine marketing is important for a business that has a great reputation and is a great referral business! How will people better find your business with so much noise and distraction from all directions? Getting a YouTube video to rank on google, as you will learn, is a great way for new customers to see what other people are saying about you.

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All right, so one of the things that I get a lot of questions about is editing videos and keyword optimizing videos. One of the reasons why I get a lot of questions about it in terms of search engine optimization is because there's a lot of opportunity for a business owner, to capture a lot of additional views and clicks and a lot of additional traffic to your website if you properly keyword optimize your video.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you here. I'm just going to back up and let me show you the why because ultimately if you don't do this, you're just not going to get found on Google, you're not going to get the traffic that you want and this is really right here, this is where people are searching for local businesses and not only would it be great to have your business show up here in the search results, but it could be great, with great reviews here, and you can see that we've worked on our reputation over the years. We've got 169 reviews on Google, and the reason why is we simply ask, which is a whole nother topic I can go into later.

This is what happens if you've got a great reputation and a great referral business, and a lot of people refer your business, then this is what you're going to want to do because this is how people are finding your business. Whether it's on a smartphone, desktop, or a laptop, it doesn't matter. They're going to Google, they're typing in your business name, they're not just going to trust what that person says, they're going to go online and see what other people are saying about you in addition to that person that referred you to them.

Here's what we want. We want to have obviously, again, the great five stars here that are showing up on Yelp and Google and Facebook. Those are the top three that I would target first.

These are the videos that you want to have show up in the search results, the thumbnails, and the way that you do that, let me just show you how to do that. If you go to one of these videos, let me just go back here, I'll show you. This is an old video we uploaded a long time ago, I'm not going to take it down even though it doesn't look quite as professional, this was uploaded in 2014, but you can see here if I click on it, you'll notice the title, Accelerate, San Diego. That's what's in the title. This is what's so cool about this.

The reason why this video is ranking is because we have Accelerate Marketing San Diego in the title, and we also have it, you can see here San Diego and we've got the website here in the first part and then we've got Accelerate Marketing not in the first sentence, but we've got it in the second sentence. So you don't have to have it. You don't have to have Accelerate Marketing San Diego in that order every single time. I do recommend though, that that's what you do for your first video, you literally put, in the title of the video your business name and then your city immediately after it. Then you do the same thing in your first sentence after you put the link to your website. As opposed to what this one is doing, you'll notice the other one does this. The other one actually does have Accelerate Market, it doesn't mean that you can't, you're not going to get the video to rank if your business name and your city, you're going to have a better chance, and that's the reasons why that other video is ranking ahead of this one.

Again, if you're going to try to get one video to rank what you want to do is put in your business name and the city immediately after it in the title, in the description down here, right after the actual link to your website, so again, this would be instead of San Diego Internet Marketing, you would make it, Accelerate Marketing, San Diego, just like you did up here. Then again, you would put in the tags here, I'm going to edit, in the tags section you would do the exact same thing. You would put in Accelerate Marketing San Diego in the tags as the first tag.

This one we were actually going after multiple keywords. I don't suggest that you do that, just go after one keyword with one video. Right here you would put Accelerate Marketing, San Diego, and then I wouldn't even put Inc or anything else right here, I would just put Accelerate Marketing San Diego and then right here, again, first tag Accelerate Marketing San Diego, same thing, or whatever your business name and your city is because you want to make it so that when somebody types in your business name and city they pull your website up.

If you go into the advanced section here, you literally put in your address for your business. And then you press search and that's going to further geo target that video to your location. I hope that makes sense. The other thing that I'm going to suggest that you do is everybody use this end screen and annotation here. And it's very simple to use, all you do is you go in here and you go to add an element, and then you simply, you can see here that, and this tells you that, end screens may be skipped in certain contexts, which is background mode, etc. Basically you can only do this, end screen elements can only be placed within the last twenty seconds of the video and at least twenty seconds after it's beginning.

So if you want to add an in screen element, what it's going to do it's going to give you a choice here, if you click on add element. Just go to create by adding either, you can add basically a link at the end of the video here to another video or a playlist or to get them to subscribe to your playlist. You can actually promote another channel or link to a video. This is the one that I would suggest that you do.

I already put one in here, you can see, I can edit it. What I did is I just choose a video or playlist. So I selected another video and you can see I can actually choose the most recent upload. That's for viewer, or choose a video or playlist here, it'll actually choose from your uploads, you can find another video, select it, and then it'll choose that. I actually just chose this playlist because it's a few other of our review videos or testimonials. So I clicked save, then that saves that and then all you have to do is check this out.

So you can create playlists, see that's what happens. This is what shows up here then the person can click on this it'll take them directly to that video. It gives them another option so you literally increase your views on your videos by about 20% by just adding this end screen annotation. So that's the other thing that I would highly recommend that you do so that you can take people from this video, that's your reputation video that they saw on Google originally to some other piece of content or maybe another reputation video for your company. So maybe one that has another person talking about your business.

Anyway, hope that makes sense. That is how and why you actually edit your video, keyword optimize your videos for your business name and your city. That's the first one I would do. The next one I would do is a video that specifically targets your keywords, and we'll talk about that in another video some time in the future, but that's how and why you do that.