Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 5.24.14 PMOlloclip is launching the “Studio” clip for livestream broadcasting. You can go to their KickStarter page to see their upcoming project.

Starting out at the beach is a perfect place to use the extra lenses for livestreaming.

Brands and businesses need to be using the olloclip lenses to be able to interview multiple people and showing off your business location.

The olloclip photo lens studio will give you the opportunity to hold a microphone, the olloclip lens and not lose your grip.

The telephoto lens on the active lens kit allows you to shoot closeups for long distances scenes, whale watching, mountain tops, or whatever your needs are.

Wide angle olloclip photo lens or Ultra wide angle lenses allow you to do interviews without having to have the phone too far away. All of this in conjunction with the Rode Smart Lav Plus microphone makes for a great tool set for businesses and brands to show off any setting.

All of the livestream business resources can be found at

Watch the full replay at: Olloclip Photo Lens For Livestream Broadcasting




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