Live Streaming For Business

Using live streaming for business is a technology that is changing daily.

Whether you are using Periscope, Blab, Meerkat, YouTube live or any of tomorrow's applications the benefits to your company are huge.

  1. Instant interaction and response from your customers or prospects.
  2. They see the person behind the brand instead of just knowing your logo and creatively planned color scheme.
  3. Allows you to come out from behind the “vail” and look them in the eyes.
  4. In the case of Blab and a few others like Zoom you can see them for the first time as well.
  5. Share immediate news or new products without the use of PR firms and contacting press agencies etc.
  6. Live interviews with previously unknown players in your business i.e. execs or even the people who drive your trucks or run your office.
  7. Live streaming for business can allow you to show behind-the-scenes stories of your brand that originally took a large video budget / crew / editing time. Now can be done by turning on your smart phone.
  8. You can conduct impromptu training on repeat questions your support team receives then refer them to the broadcast / screenshot video you did using live streaming for business.
  9. Allow your customers to jump in live on applications like Blab to ask questions about your product
  10. Live streaming for business can bring your brand top of mind delivered right to their phone instead of waiting for them to drive past your billboard or see you ad on a TV show they may or may not be watching.

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