Finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon can feel like a fraught enterprise.  Ask the wrong person and you'll be subject to a lecture instead of collecting names.  Letting others know about your cosmetic surgeon's fantastic professionalism and great results can be just as nerve-wracking, especially if your procedure was deliberately subtle. addresses this difficulty by marketing itself as a review site specifically for cosmetic practitioners and their patients.  All you need is an account in order to leave candid, in depth reviews about your procedure and your doctor.  Even better, their website is easy to use on a smartphone with its mobile-friendly interface.  Keep reading for our handy guide on how to leave a review for your cosmetic surgeon in 45 seconds or less!

Step 1: Open internet browsing app (ex: Safari on iPhone)

Step 1: Open app


Step 2: Open and look up your doctor

  1. Type into the browser search bar
  2. Select “Find a Doctor”

Step 2: Open


Step 3: Search for your doctor

  1. Enter your doctor's name into the search bar
  2. Select your doctor's name from the dropdown menu

Step 3: Search for doctor


Step 4: Select your doctor's main page

  1. Select the “Doctors” tab
  2. Choose your doctor's name



Step 4: Select doctor's main page


Step 5: Press “Write a Review”

  1. Scroll down your doctor's main page
  2. Press “Write a Review” button

Step 5: Press Write a Review


Step 6: Fill out survey and select star ratings when prompted

Step 6: Fill out survey


Step 7: Submit your review

  1. Check the box
  2. Select an update preference (“Never” is an option)
  3. Press “Submit”

Step 7: Submit review