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What are theysaying about you?

Reputation Management Company

80% of customers are influenced by advice received on social media about products and services, according to market studies. What does this mean for you? You need to know what is being said about your brand online.

The world has changed quickly and now 75% of customers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust advertisements. The future sales of your brand are in the hands of what people are saying about your company. To manage this, you need help monitoring the comments and reviews being made about your product or service.

With our reputation management service, you get:

  • Notifications of a negative review
  • Strategic plan of action
  • Tracking reports to give a reputation overview
  • Better search results and fewer visible negative reviews

What can the Reputation Management Guys do for your business?

Quite simply, we can help you drive sales. The freedom people have to post what they want online has left businesses faced with a significant risk. With such a high percentage of your customers being influenced by online reviews, comments on social media and ratings from friends, your sales can take a devastating blow if you lose control over your online standing.

Our service lets you know when negative reviews have been posted so you have better control over what people see about your brand and can stop negative remarks in their tracks.

How does it work?

After just one bad experience with your brand, people are more likely to write about it online bringing a negative light to your brand name. Through our advanced algorithm we constantly monitor the internet for new postings about your business. When something damaging pops up that we are sure you would not want prospective customers to read, we notify you immediately.

Then, through a strategic plan of action, we work with you to help quash the negativity and bring up the positive information about your business again. Not only does this boost your search engine results but it also helps you avoid losing customers simply because one person wrote a bad remark.

Get the chance to recover from a negative review with our advanced reputation management services.

Your business deserves to have the opportunity to respond and create goodwill among the people who had a poor experience with your company. You should not be permanently impaired just because of one incident.

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