The Power of a Word Press Blog

The most challenging aspect of posting your videos and articles online is getting your content found by Google. It is important that you keep your content fresh and new and that you post it on a variety of social media sites in order to promote internet marketing in Long Beach. Ryan Steinolfson of Accelerate Marketing, Inc. states that one of the best ways to post your videos and articles is to use Word Press. Word Press is a free tool that allows you to create a blog or website for your business.

Advantages of Word Press

One important benefit of using Word Press is that it creates a road map that leads potential clients to your website. Word Press allows the Google spiders to quickly find your content through site maps. A site map is a tool used by Word Press websites that enables Google to properly index your website.

Another advantage of Word Press is that it has a built in pinging notification system that basically tells Google that you have new content on your site. Word Press will inform Google of the location of the blog post or video on your site.

The number one advantage of using Word Press is that it lets you create your own content and post it online very quickly. The Word Press template enables you to post new content and to change the content of your website whenever you need to do so. Even the most novice user finds it easy to create and post all types of content by using the Word Press template system. These blog posts, which are dated content, help keep your site fresh and up to date and also allow you to create content on demand that addresses the needs of every client. In these blog posts, you give the article or video the title you want and you can target certain key words that are important to the client. When a search is done that includes one of those key words, potential customers will be sent to your content.

If you have any further questions about internet marketing in Long Beach or on how Word Press can help your business, feel free to contact Ryan Steinolfson at (619) 313-4895.