Google Reviews ( Google My Business reviews ): The Problem

One of the biggest problems with getting Google reviews ( Google My Business reviews ) online is that people don't know how to leave a review on Google and also it is confusing to know where to go to on Google to leave a review (especially if you have never reviewed a business on Google).  If your staff and people in your business don't know where to send your customers/clients/patients to leave a review then you will not be able to build your online reputation and your competition will be the go to elite company in your niche and area instead of you and they will be the ones getting a constant flow of pre-sold customers and not you and your business.

The Solution For Getting Google Reviews ( Google My Business reviews )

The article and screenshots below show you exactly where to go on Google in order to leave a review for a business and also how to grab the link that takes people directly to the page where they leave your business a review so they don't have to waste time and effort trying to leave your business a review.  Also, the link can be sent out by your staff via text message in order to personally ask your customers to leave you a review which will significantly increase the number of people who take action and leave you a review.  If you like this information then you will really like the case study on how we got a business over 97 reviews in 45 days so that you can do the same in your business.  In order to learn more visit

Pull the Google My Business page up on

1. Type in the business name and the address and click search

2. Click on the Google reviews link

Pull the Google My Business review page up on

Grab the Google My Business review page link

Copy the entire link in for the page that you go to in order to use it as the link to send to people so that they can go directly to the page that they need to go to in order to leave you a review

Grab the Google My Business review page link

Review page on a smartphone

When you text or email the link from the previous step the screen shot below is what the review page looks like on a smart phone  Notice how easy it is for somebody to leave a review because the link takes you directly to where the person just has to enter the star rating and the review itself.

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Google Reviews - Google My Business Reviews

Google reviews page on a smartphone