Live stream is crucial for attorneys.

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Attoneys and Live Stream

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Attorneys using live stream

Attorneys continuously face the problem of trying to get new clients. With more people graduating law school, becoming lawyers and starting their own practice, the competition to attract new clients and maintain a successful practice is cut throat. More than ever, attorneys face the challenge of trying to be found by people searching for attorneys.

How can an attorney advertise ? Yes an attorney can have a website that gets listed with all the other attorneys on the Google search. Yes an attorney can spend thousands of dollars on billboard advertising or internet advertising. The question is, why would an attorney spend thousands of dollars on advertising when they can get new clients FOR FREE?


How can an attoney advertise for free and stand out? LIVE STREAM.

How live stream benefits attorneys

  1. allows people to see attorneys
  2. allows people to see attorneys as relatable so they are more likely to contact them
  3. gives attorneys a chance to show people who may not otherwise find them, that they are like the neighbor next door
  4. creates a new stream of exposure
  5. creates another way for attorneys to advertise their practices and stand out from all the other attorneys
  6. allows people to interact with attorneys for free so people are more likely to reach out to attorneys on live stream
  7. creates an informal environment for people to engage with attorneys


Check this out:  One attorney in San Diego used live stream and from one broadcast, received 700 private messages in one week.


These broadcasts are huge for attorneys and make them stand out. Simply put live stream —->referrals—->new clients—->new contracts—->more $$$$. Attorneys start now![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]