Steve Sheehan: Hi, I'm Steve Sheehan, Vice President of the lab division for Straumann North America. We want to thank you for attending Jay Baer's session at Chicago Lab day on marketing your lab. I want to show you how easy it is for to be able to enter the world of social media, and start building your reputation online, from the comfort of your own lab. A brief online dress rehearsal and some filming is all it will take. Now it's your turn. Ryan, how do we get started?

Getting Started With Google Hangouts

Ryan Steinolfson: That's a great question, Steve. I'm really excited to work with the labs that you guys are partnering with. And the way that they get started is very simple. All they need to do is contact us. They can contact us very easily. We're going to put a link below this video here today that will allow them to connect with us. But before I even talk about that, I just want to say that it's really simple. All they need to have is just a webcam and an internet connection, and obviously a computer in order to connect and do the same thing that we're doing right now. We're interacting. We will teach them how to basically have access to their own TV channel and we'll teach them how to create the bottom third like you see below us here, so that we can create a professional TV, CNN style interview with them, that will help them position themselves as the authority in their marketplace, so that they can get more customers very, very quickly.

Steve Sheehan: Sounds great, and it sounds simple enough. I know we've only been speaking for a few minutes, but how much time can our lab partners expect to spend in order to be able to put something like this together?

Time It Takes to Put Together

Ryan Steinolfson: It's really simple. It's just a matter of really two hours. What we do is we break it up into what we call a dress rehearsal as I explained earlier. The dress rehearsal is kind of like a time to just get acclimated to the camera. We want to make sure that we're connected correctly via WIFI, that we've got not only a good internet connection, but a good webcam signal, so that we can get a really good quality end product. We're also going to teach you how to create the bottom thirds. We're going to teach you how to use Google Hangouts, so that you can do this in the future yourself if you want to.

You can actually do these Google Hangouts to create content. Forbes magazine by the way said, that content marketing is the number one online marketing strategy for 2014. And that's really it. It's just going to be two hours. It's going to be the dress rehearsal where we get acclimated and show you how to really become a rock star, an online rock star with Google Hangouts and how to create content very quickly and easily. And then we have the film day which is what we're doing right now. We just take everything we learned during the dress rehearsal day, and we apply it, and create content like we're doing right now from the comfort of the laboratory.

Steve Sheehan: That sounds great. So if a lab puts together a video, do they own the rights to the video?

Do You Own The Rights?

Ryan Steinolfson: Yes they do. They can use the video on any type of promotional materials that they want on their website, etc. Sometimes a video will even rank for their keywords. Most businesses don't know this, but people are looking for their business online to see if they want to do business with them.

So if I was a dental lab owner, the first thing I would do is type in, dental lab or your dental lab's name plus your city. That's the keyword that we're going to specifically target this video to rank for. So that when somebody goes and types in dental lab name and your city, they see not only your directory, your reputation online, but they also see this video in there where you're talking hopefully about how you have a great reputation all ready.

Steve Sheehan: So how does the video get posted?

How Does The Hangout Get Posted?

Ryan Steinolfson: It's very simple, that's the beauty of Google Hangouts and this technology, is the fact that this video streams live to the YouTube channel, and also to your Google Plus page. So not only does it automatically get streamed out to social media while we're doing it, without any other additional interaction with the video. It also goes right to the YouTube channel so that it can be used for any other type of purposes, and embedded even on your website, on a blog post, etc.

Steve Sheehan: That sounds excellent. So once the video gets posted, does the lab have a way of measuring whether or not they're actually getting visibility?

Measuring The Visibility

Ryan Steinolfson: Yes they do. They can see the number of views on the video itself, and Steve, they can also, or we can help them initiate a call tracking phone number that we can assign just to the video itself. We would put that phone number, that call tracking number, right down in the bottom third below and we would reference that phone number at the end of the conversation that we have with them, or the interview we have with them.

That's one option. Again, we can also just look at the views and obviously the other option is just to make sure when people do call you, ask where they came in from in order to really measure the end results. If you really want to get detailed and know exactly every phone call, and actually even listen to the phone call, we can help them set that up also.

Hangouts for Contetn – Simple Process

Steve Sheehan: That's great. So there it is, fairly simple. For you lab owners out there that want to try out this great new opportunity to market your labs, Ryan will set you up remotely. He'll ask you specific questions that you can use to promote your lab to your referral base. You have the opportunity to practice it. To do a couple of rehearsals before the videos are finalized and you can do it right from your own computer. It really can't get much easier than that. So we wish you all the best of luck. And we're committed as a company to make sure that we continually do more to help you promote your labs and I'm sure that Ryan can do the same for you.

Ryan Steinolfson: Absolutely. I look forward to it. And I do want to say that those questions are really simple. Typically the structure of the questions, the interviews are about three to five minutes in length. First question is, is if you're looking for a great lab, what would you look for? And then the second question is if someone went to your lab, what would they experience? And then if you have any sort of special offers, you just talk about that. So it's real simple, and thanks for interviewing me today, Steve.

Steve Sheehan: Thanks as well. Best of luck.