YP.com is one of the unsung heroes of social proof marketing — its interface and design make it incredibly easy for anyone to leave a review, on a desktop computer or with their phone, in as few steps as possible.  You do need to have a YP.com account in order to use their app for reviewing purposes, but in exchange for a few moments coming up with a password Accelerate Marketing is thrilled to bring you one of the quickest, easiest smartphone reviewing app tutorials we have featured so far.  Keep reading for fool-proof instructions on leaving a YP.com review with your smartphone in five easy steps!

Step 1: Open the YP.com app

Step 1: Open app




Step 2: Press the search bar to search for your business

  1. Make sure that the app is set to “Current Location”
  2. Press the search bar

Step 2: Press the search bar



Step 3: Search for your business

  1. Enter your business' name into the search bar
  2. Select your business from the dropdown menu when it appears

Step 3: Search


Step 4: Press “Rate”

Step 4: Press Rate


Step 5: Rate and review

  1. Choose a star rating
  2. Enter a review
  3. Press “Submit” (this button won't work if your review is too short)

Step 5: Rate and review