Knowing how to double the amount of google reviews your business will help separate your business from your competitor. A challenge of many of our agencies prior to working with us is their customers knowing where to go in order to leave that business a review.

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We've been in this business of reputation management marketing now for going on almost a decade and my agency, Accelerate Marketing. One of the areas that we help them in, in addition to a few others, is reputation management marketing. The biggest challenge that we've identified in the past almost decade here is in terms of getting reviews, the biggest challenge that businesses have is actually allowing the person to know where to go in order to leave that business a review. So the biggest challenge is for the client or customer or patient of a particular business to just know where to go.

The key then is to make this process very, very easy. That's the biggest key that I can give you. There's one way to do that. What we've done is we've created what we call a naked link. The reason why we call it this is because there's no protection between you and that person that wants to leave you a review on Google.

There's initial question that's asked that says, “Hey would you recommend us?” Just understand that, that this is one of the most powerful tools, yet it's one of the most challenging tools for some businesses because they don't really know how to implement or integrate this tool into their business, so that when that, what we call referable moment happens, they can insert this tool at that moment when that referable moment has been created by something that they've done.

Then that person, that employee can then text this link to them and thereby make it very, very easy for that person to leave a review. Then you'll notice … well what happens? What happens when I do this? It takes me directly to where somebody needs to go to in order for them to leave your business a review. All they have to do is just simply tap on their phone right here and then start leaving a review. I mean, how easy is that? That's how easy it is. You can make it so the stars are already pre-populated but most of the time, you can't get it to generate that way. Just know that this is a very, very powerful way for somebody to leave your business a review. Why? Because it gets around the hassle of somebody having to go and search and use Google Maps in order to find your business, look you up.

If you can just get this link to them either via email or via text message while they're in front of you, then you immediately cut through one of the biggest challenges that people have with leaving a business a review. There's another way that we can actually get a review and we call it our sign-in form. So the way that the sign-in form works is when somebody … here, let me show you my laptop again. Here's an example of a sign-in form for one of our property management companies. You can see here, what someone needs to do is just put in their name, email, and mobile phone number.

Why do we ask for the email and mobile phone number is because we want to be able to send them up to three emails and three text messages over a certain period of time so that we can get that person's review. That is what we do. This is the second way for us to get reviews outside of using the Google naked link that I just showed you. I'm going to show you my screen again on my phone. There you go. Here's that sign-in form link.

Now this is what somebody gets after they put their name, email, and phone number in on that sign-in form on the previous screen, and you can see here, it sends them a link. I'm clicking on the link, and then this takes us to this one question which is, “Would you recommend us?” Yes or no? You'll notice again that the naked link that I just sent you or that we just showed you did not have that. This is something that you can implement in your business in order to first ask somebody a question of, “Would you recommend us?” If they say “yes,” then it simply takes them directly to where they can leave you a review on Google. If they say “no,” then it would take them to where they would be able to fill in a like, “Who helped you? What happened? How can we make it better next time?”

We then send them three emails, three text messages, over a certain period of time, and that's how we get the reviews, is by sending that email and text messaging sequence. We ask them that almighty question which is, “Would you recommend us?” That's the difference between the sign-in form and the naked link. Naked link, there's no question. Sign-in form, there is that initial question.

Again, another one. In San Antonio, who are you going to choose? You've got two different companies here. One's got 182 reviews, and the other one has got 351 reviews. Both have about the same star rating. I'm going to go with whoever has got more review and whoever has the most recent reviews, and this is the one that we work with. Anyway, I hope that makes sense guys. Let us know if you have any questions.