Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.59.27 AMCreating valuable content and making it freely available. Content marketing is an amazing way to get more customers. By posting quality information that people desire to learn, you promote yourself as an authority and they are much more likely to purchase your products or services because they've spent time learning from you.

One amazing way to create this valuable content is to use livestream video. Most business owners don't have a lot of extra time to write their own content for marketing. By creating a livestream video, you can easily “talk” your content. The beauty of livestream is that you can create content on the fly. It's the best kind of content because it's you! People can see you, experience you, and learn who you are in a way that they can't on other formats. has a new feature that allows you to take your Periscope video and embed it directly into your website, tumbler account, blog post, etc…

Simply get the embed code from Katch and embed it into your post. Then add a few lines of text explaining what's in the video and then BOOM, you've got a blog post. Better yet, you want to make the perma-link target a specific keyword.

This is a perfect way to blast out your content to many platforms from one session.

So go press that Broadcast button on Periscope and start creating content today! Your business can have great content marketing without lifting a single pen.

Ryan's Bonus: While I was videoing the livestream broadcast on this subject, I was showing the amazing beach at La Jolla behind me. This is called the Scenic Scope Strategy. My mentor, David Sprague, coined this term. This strategy uses your backdrop as a 3rd element in your Periscope strategy. Your background can be used to encourage engagement with your viewers and keeps your scope interesting. While you may not always have a beautiful beach available as a background to your periscopes, you should always be aware of what is behind you and feel free to find new and beautiful places to scope from.

Watch this entire replay broadcast on YouTube: