Sometimes marketing companies have a hard time adjusting when their clients' needs and expectations change. At Accelerate Marketing, we're adept at changing our approach to best suit our customers' current reputation management needs. Meet Ozment Merrill, a customer of ours that we took on a year ago for general reputation management and search result visibility. At the time their Google+ page was under a different business name and had 23 reviews with 4 stars:

Ozment Nov '13

More recently, they told Accelerate Marketing that they would love to get more reviews on the most popular social media sites. We had a hands-on training with them three weeks ago in which we coached their staff on recognizing positive customer moments and asking for feedback. Here's their Google+ profile snapshot today:

ozment after



They are now at 4.1 stars and 32 reviews!  What is just as exciting is the way these results have been mirrored across their various locations.  All totaled across locations, in under a month they have grown their social proof profile by 15 reviews — averaging one new, live review a day.

If you're tired of your reputation management company trying the same methods without results instead of working with you to find a solution that blows your hair back, contact Accelerate Marketing today.