3 tips to get more followers while live streaming.

Have problems getting new followers when you live stream? Do you feel like your broadcasts don't have enough viewers?

Check out these great tips to use when you live stream.





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An issue everyone faces when live streaming is getting new followers. Sure you can promote your live streams on social media and hope people randomly start watching your broadcasts but there are other simple things you can do to get more followers. When you start on periscope or any other live stream app, there is always an issue of getting people to your broadcast (since your broadcast is live, you want people to be there while you are broadcasting live).

Since live streaming helps you grow your business, it is important to get as many followers as you can. What is the point of doing a live stream broadcast if no one is watching? If you don’t have that many followers on twitter or your other social media account then it is going to be hard for you to get followers just by announcing your broadcast on social media.

3 tips to get more followers while live streaming (1)


Here are three tips to help you get more followers while broadcasting

  1.     Use the @ symbol in your broadcast title
  2.     Interview people
  3.   Use hashtags in the periscope title

Use the @ symbol and hashtags in the title of your scope in order to identify a business that you want to get the attention of. I actually got an interview with @BeastGrip because I used @ and the company name in one of my periscopes… You can do the same thing too. Once you get an interview with a recognized company, people are going to want to tune into your live stream. An interview adds to the quality because when you bring someone else into your broadcast it can enhance the experience of your followers.

Try these three tips and watch the number of followers on your live stream broadcast grow. What do you have to lose? The only thing you have to gain is more followers!!